Friday, January 5, 2007

West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation is constructing watchtowers and lighting to protect the acquired land in Singur

We have seen an interesting news in Bengali daily The 'Bartaman' on Jan , 07. Readers might feel interesting. Bellow is the English Translation of the news.
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West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation is constructing watchtowers and lighting to protect the acquired land in Singur


West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) has decided to make watchtowers to protect the fence in the land of proposed TATA motor factory. Side by side security guards from agencies will be recruited. One officer of WBIDC told on Sunday. Besides there will be electric light in the whole area so that farmers cannot break the fence. WBIDC will pay the electric bill. According to that officer, the W.B. government will spend money without restriction to ensure the proposed TATA factory.

Government is seeking new measures to cope up farmers as it failed to stop them from organizing struggle. The administration is so concerned regarding the security of the proposed factory that the additional district magistrate Surendramahan called one meeting on Saturday. Officials of WBIDC, electricity department and panchyat attended that meeting. It has been decided that in five points of this disputed area --- Khaserbheri Bahumukhi himghar, Gopalnagar bharat petroleum, Bajemalia Ujjal Sangha, Bablabandhi and Beraberi Manasatola, watchtowers will be constructed. There will be eleven security personnel in each watchtower. Only in those five points there will be entry to the acquired land. Rest of the land will be completely isolated.

TATA group is now running soil testing. Once it will be done, the whole area will be isolated with concrete wall. The wall will be high enough to prevent unauthorized entry. To illuminate the whole area six vapor lamp will be fixed. Meanwhile West Bengal State Electricity Board and Singur-Haripal Rural Electrification Co-operative (samity) have installed the transformer. Within couple of days they will start to fix the vapor lamps. WBIDC has already spent approximately five lakh ($ 12500) for electrification of this area. It has been decided that the whole expense of electrification and electric bill will be paid by WBIDC. According to one officer, it is still undecided who will bare the expense once the land will be handed over to TATA. According to WBIDC source, to strengthen the security of the whole area 250 security personnel will be recruited. The control of the whole recruitment is unofficially given to CPM leaders. Now there are 350 personnel to guard the fence. It will be increased to 600. Besides WBIDC will recruit 65 trained security guards. It has been decided, 100 guards will be deployed in day time, 200 will guard from 4-00pm to 10-00pm and 300 will take care up to 6-00 am. Trained security will accompany each group of guards. All the posts supporting total 14 km fence of the whole area will be marked. According to the sources of district administration, W.B. government is enough concerned as they failed to suppress the movement of peasantry of Singur. Extension of prohibitory order under section 144 doesn’t stop farmers from organizing meeting and rally. W.B. government is worried that struggling farmers could break the fence at any moment. If it becomes possible, then according to the administration, that will be distress to W.B. government. Even officials of TATA group will feel lack of security. To ensure the security of the TATA project W.B. government doesn’t care to restrict the expense.

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