Friday, January 5, 2007

People's Struggle in Nandigram

West Bengal government is planning to acquire 19,196 acre of land from 39 moujas for Special Econoimic Zone in NANDIGRAM of Midnapur district in West Bengal.

Yesterday, Jan 4, 2007, police fired on a mass rally protesting against land acquisition. It turned the situation violent. Police run away to protect themselves. People from surrounding villages started protesting and cut down roads and small bridges to stop police from enter the village.

Even after 36 hours of this incidence police didn't able to reach Garchakraberia. Today people observed as strike in Nandigram. People become so furious that they set fire to local CPM office at Rajaramchak.

In Garchakraberia, one very big banner has been seen:

Krishijami Rakha Committee (save farmland committee) gave death sentence to Sekh Reja (CPM panchyat member), Sunirmal Giri (member of Nandigram zonal commettee of CPM), Badal Mandal (Member of CPM zonal committee), Niranjan mandal (member of Kendemeri local committee of CPM) and Lakshan Seth (MP of Haldia and ledear of CPM).

In Tekhali, police arrested six 'outsiders'.

Photo and News are from Bengali daily 'Bartaman' (

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Anonymous said...

Why people are struggling for? industry is good for every one. Get better compensation and stay silent. Negotiate for this but you don't need to struggle.