Sunday, January 7, 2007

Master plan to Crackdown the Resistance is Ready

Bellow is the English translation of a news published in Bengali Daily the 'Bartaman' on Jan 7, 07.

Master plan to Crackdown the Resistance is Ready

CPM has finished its master plan for crackdown the resistance of people in Nandigram. CPM has planned to push its armed cadre and goons from Khejuri-Haldia-Reapara to Garchakraberia, Kalicharanpur, Saudakhali and Sonachura, four gram panchayats of Nandigram where mass movement has been reached its peak. East Midnapur CPM district committee is waiting for the final approval from West Bengal state committee to start the ‘war’. According to a district level CPM leader, preparation is ready to clean Nandigram within 3 days if police helps. Then CPM cadres might need to be deployed to maintain the peace.

To run the total operation, East Midnapur CPM district committee has decided to set up 25 camps in the affected area. First, notorious ‘Harmad force’ of Khejuri will chase the organizers and leaders of (Save Land Committee) to uproot them from Nandigram. According to CPM sources, Rabiul Hosen and Himangsu Das (Khejuri Panchayat samity president) will lead the goons. They will not directly participate in the ‘war’, but instruct the cadre force by mobile phone. Already they have sent lot of mobile phones to different camps.

Saturday (Jan 6,07) Khejuri zonal committee secretary Bijan Roy and two more leadrs, Himangsu Das and Patit Giri went to Nandigram through Talpatti of Khejuri. Force of Rabiul although came before. As people came to know, they got encircled by people. Later they came back with police protection.

A local source of CPM says that notorious goons who are under the protection of CPM have been organized in 3 camps of Khejuri. Money is being collected assuming that these camps will run for next one month at least and cooking has started from Saturday noon. Approximately 5000 CPM cadres and goons are taking their preparation in these camps.

Ashok Guria, member of East Midnapur CPM district committee said “Shall we keep silence if they move with arms and continue terror? We have showed enough patience. But, we have to think how long we will do.”

Sources from district CPM says that at first cadres from Khejuri will enter although goons from Bagchi, Narghat, Haldia, Bhajachauli, Panskura and even Sabang, Pingla, Keshpur are asked to be prepared. Hundreds of motorcycles are being brought to the area. Arms which were used in Keshpur (against TMC) will be used in Nandigram.

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