Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How transparent government is?

WB government claims that it keeps everything transparent and it has made a government of difference. After Singur and Nandigram the image of WB government has become fade. Still a descent section, especially outside WB believe that CPM led WB government is not that bad. For them we like to point out two incidences:

1. In this blog, we discussed how WB government gave false statement that most of the farmers of Singur gave their consent for the land acquisition. In that report, we referred to the status report on Singur, made by WB government. That report was available at We were just checking that site recently for other reports----to find more lies from government on other fields. Interestingly we didn’t even find that status report on Singur. They have removed that report. Don’t you think it is really shady? We are all aware that so many people’s organization also challenged that report. Under that circumstances what could be the reason to remove that status report from the website?

However, we had a saved copy of this report. We would like to keep it available to the people. If you like you can download from here.

Interestingly, recently one report was published in the Bartaman (April 9, 2007), a Bengali daily quoting from a report of the standing committee of WB legislative assembly on commerce and industry. It said that in Haldia petrochem only 670 found their employment. Indirectly it gave job to 1200 contractual labours (since 1990, government has been claiming that this project is to provide 1.5 lakhs of jobs). We tried to verify it from the original report. Unfortunately we didn’t able to find the report at We would like to know what is the beauty of having maintained this official website of WB government if we cannot get all these reports?

Doesn’t it show that the government is really eager to hide information from the people?

Is it transparency?
Do you call it as democracy?

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