Saturday, April 7, 2007

Lessons of Nandigram

After the carnage in Nandigram, a descent fraction of intellectuals have joined in the protest. Middle class is also criticizing. It is important to note the reaction of students and youth. All the signs are really good although we see couple of shortcomings.

Firstly, we have seen the notion that this carnage shouldn’t have taken place.
Secondly, there is a tendency of developing a view that it is primarily a brutality done by CPM, which is dangerous, we believe.

In this context we think we should express our view.

No doubt, we hate the Nandigram carnage. But, we don’t consider it as something totally unexpected in West Bengal or any part of India. This is nothing but an expression of severe oppression of state to protect the interest of MNCs-big comprador capitalist and feudalism at its highest scale. People of India have been observing carnages for the last couple of decades. Therefore, we consider it as the most expected return from the state.

We like to point out that the carnage has its root in the ongoing severe imperialist loot over the Indian people. We should not disintegrate the relation between the SEZ and the carnage. This carnage was not done by a bunch of psychopaths accidentally, but by an organized force to secure the interest of Salim group.

It is pity that most of us who protest against the carnage don’t consider it as a state repression.

There is a belief that CPM goons were the main culprits. There couldn’t be any doubt that CPM goons participated in the carnage. But, if we consider them just as CPM goons, then we will make blunder, we think. Who organized these goons? Did they come by themselves? No. They were organized by the armed forces of state; police officials were involved to invite them. These goons then participated in the carnage along with the armed forces, which are sponsored by the state with our money. Therefore, it will be oversimplification, if we consider the carnage just as an incident by CPM goons.

In this context it is really important to understand the social character of these goons. In West Bengal nowadays the goons are mostly organized under different mainstream parties. But, their party colour cannot hide their social role. Their main job is to control the masses of different area and run oppression. But, for whom they work? They work for contractors, promoters or others who actually run semi-feudal exploitation (in most of the cases) over the people. The local mainstream party leaders actually protect semi-feudal lords (sometimes the leader himself is the lord) with the help of this bunch of goons. In true sense, their party colour doesn’t mean anything---they are nothing but the feudal forces sponsored by semi-feudal lords.

And in Nandigram carnage, we saw how the feudal forces, the CPM goons strengthened the state sponsored armed forces to protect the interest of Salim group. Essentially it shows how semi-feudalism serves as the social support of imperialist plunder over our country.

If we see the carnage as the brutality of CPM alone then it will be a mistake. We will fail to understand its real lessons.

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