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We apologies as we didn’t able to publish a single news/article on the people’s resistance from North East till now. We should have published at least on the resistance against Tipaimukh project. The major reason is our lack of knowledge for which we do criticize ourselves. We would request our readers to send us reports on people’s resistance and exploitations from every corner of India. We really like to learn from our readers.

This time we received a report on police atrocity over Kuki students in Delhi.

Another update Police at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi went berserk and Lathi Charged, threw tear gas sheels and beaten black and blue 100s of Kukis who were on protest there. Many injured and situation really tensed. On other front we have been trying to get the bail securities for our arrested comrades, the process is still on as they all languish in Tihar Jail. we will keep you posted on various developments.

More details to follow keep watch on


Kuki Students' Organisation
Delhi Branch (Regd.No.2991 of 1978)


The Kuki Students' Oganisation will be staging a protest rally on March 23,2007 from Jantar Mantar to Parliament street, New Delhi at 1:00pm. The rally is to protest against:

1.The capture and forced deportation of 400 Kuki Indian displaced persons by the Manipur valley based militant group, United National Liberation Front (UNLF) in collusion with the Myanmar military junta. The Kuki villagers were displaced due to landmines and inhumane terrorization by the UNLF. On March 13,2007 the displaced Kuki villagers were captured from the refugee camp in TS Laijang village in Chandel district of Manipur and deported them to Lallim/Namunta village in Myanmar where they remain as captives till today. The fate of the 400 Kuki Indian citizens who were forcefully deported to Myanmar is a serious crime and a gross human rights violation.

2.The ongoing human displacement caused by the terror tactics of the UNLF who tortured, torched, killed, uprooted and displaced the Kukis from their homes in the wake of the state sponsored counter-insurgency military operation in Chandel, Manipur. More than 39 villages from Chadel, Manipur have been displaced by the UNLF. The planting of destructive landmines and IEDs by the UNLF in Chandel, Manipur, which has killed 33 innocent Kuki villagers in Chandel district alone. Moreover many innocent villagers have lost their limbs to the deadly mines.
3.The unaccountable and irresponsible attitude of the Government of Manipur who still remain a silent spectator to the deteriorating serious problems of its citizens who are in crisis.

The Kuki Students' Organisation requests your humble presence and appeal for your sincere participation in voicing the serious issues that is still ignored and neglected.

Lamtinthang Haokip
General Secretary
Kuki Students' Oganisation Delhi

CACIM, A-3 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110 024, India
Ph : +91-11-4155 1521, +91-98-1890 5316 (Mobile) /
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