Friday, March 23, 2007


We believe it is important to recognize the enemy to win a struggle. And DEBATE plays very important role there. Therefore, we always encourage debate. We have already expressed our view, but we appreciate others.

We once again raise our voice for the nationwide cancellation of SEZ to make sure that Nandigram is not going to happen again.

INSAAF'S Statement:
"We strongly demand to restrain police brutality in Nandigram"

We strongly demand to restrain police brutality and protect the lives and rights of the villagers TV reports from Calcutta indicate that since early morning today (the 14th of March), thousands of policemen have surrounded Nandigram. There have been a number of deaths and serious injuries, as a result of violent police incursions into the villages. We deplore the Left Front Government's apparent desire to bypass democratic procedures of consultation and negotiation, and its decision to accomplish the pacification of Nandigram through massive intimidation and violence. This runs counter to Buddhadeb Bhattacharya's earlier assurances that 'persuasion' rather than coercion would be used in the area. We are horrified at this turn of events, and strongly demand that immediate measures should be taken to restrain police brutality and protect the lives and rights of the villagers who are presently facing reprisals and intimidation from the state. We also believe that the Left has a duty to intervene, since the West Bengal Government bears direct responsibility for this cycle of violence, and events like these will only add fuel to the right-wing forces that it purports to oppose.

Arundhati Roy
Praful Bidwai
Sumit Sarkar
Krishna Majumdar
Sumit Chakravartty
Tanika Sarkar
Colin Gonzalves
Achin Vanaik
Gargi Chakravartty
Chitra Joshi
Prabhu Mahapatra
Neeladri Bhattacharya
Dilip Simeon
Aditya Nigam
Satya Sivaraman
Gautam Mody
Asad Bin Saif
Roasa Basanti
Aditya Sarkar
Uditi Sen
Sanjukta Sundareshan
Anil chaudhary
Wilfred Dcosta
Sree Prakash


INSAAF'S "We strongly demand to restrain police brutality in Nandigram"

Dear friends,

At this point it is quite ridiculous to 'demand to restrain police brutality' and at the same time it does not matter whatever strength you put on it. Do you think state machineries ever acted in restrained and gentle manner when faced with active resistance? The fact is that:

Unarmed protestors were mercilessly butchered... Now people are coming out to question the justification of this brutal police action in Nandigram on the bloody Wednesday 14 March 2007 and the legitimacy of the CPIM-dictated West Bengal Government to remain in power any longer. It is evident that party goons were also used to kill the fighting villagers. Remember how Benoy konar the so-called Kisan leader of CPIM openly instigated them to do so. All sensible citizens including many comrades-in-arms, activists and intellectuals who even campaigned in last Assembly Election for CPIM are demanding resignation of this cold-blooded murderer Buddha, the mastermind of this massacre.

More than 2,000 advocates of the West Bengal Bar Association took out a procession to protest against the killing at Nandigram on the same day. Should we not demand the dismissal of the whole Buddha cabinet as none of his associates can deny their responsibilities? Their anti-people governance has already been reflected in all their economic policies, political attitudes and suppression of protesting voices by bullets and batons since long. We may recall the instances from Marichjhapi(1977) to now Nandigram. It is clear now that they have been betraying the people from the very beginning of their rule.

Should we let these murderers go scot-free? Should we not unequivocally condemn this massacre? Shouldn't we demand their trial in an International Court represented by the Citizens of the World? Shouldn't we mobilize masses to tear down this capitalist nexus of Tata-Salim-Buddha-Biman to pieces?

Friends, please open your eyes. Otherwise it would be too late.

Asis Das

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