Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Singur: Medha supporters face police brunt

SINGUR: Police on Monday resorted to lathicharge to disperse social activist Medha Patkar-led protesters after they tried to approach the fenced area for the Tata Motors small car project at Singur in West Bengal.

Hooghly Superintendent of Police Supratim Sarkar said two persons were arrested. Patkar said two of her associates, Amita Bag and Dhananjay Das, were injured in the lathicharge.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Hooghly, Asit Pal said police removed the demonstrators. Patkar with her associates then began a sit-in demonstration a few metres away from the fence.

Earlier addressing farmers from Goplanagar and Bajemelia villages who had set up camps in the area since Sunday, Patkar came down heavily on the state government for going ahead with the Tata Motors project at Singur and the Salim project in Nandigram in East Midnapur.

She said the government was using the police in favour of the enterprise and added that it should stop the project as the farmers were unwilling to hand over their land.

Slogan-shouting farmers from Beraberi Purbapara marched upto the fenced area of the Tata Motors small car project where they had an altercation with the police who stood guard. Police then resorted to lathicharge to disperse them.

This is Patkar's first visit here after prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC were lifted following the Calcutta High Court's stricture on February 23 against the government's process for acquiring 997 acres for the project.

She had on earlier occasions been prevented from entering Singur.



Subhro Sengupta said...

Hello sir i am an evident blogger from durgapur & i have some questions for you.

1)Why the hell are you so biased about all your topics?
2)When you started the blog you supported CPM & now you support TRINAMUL why this changing of sides?
3)Dont you thionk its time we reaaly started making some changes rather than just speakin about it?
Tata can bring a lot of change to singurs economy?
4)why the hell are you crtesizing Ratan tata for every thing?Dont you know that thr desicion of making plants in singur is a desicion of the tata board of directors & ratan tata is only a part of it.

I woul be greatfull if you publish the answers on your blog itself.
Subhro Sengupta

singur said...

I simply don't understand what gave you the impression that before I supported CPM and now support TMC.

For other points, we already expressed our view. I would request to check our previous posts, specially DEBATE.

We have nothing against Ratan Tata as a person. When we criticise, we criticise anybody's role in the existing system of mode of production.