Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ratan Tata-From Steel Magnet to Scrap Dealer to Arms Dealer to Land Mafia...

By Prabhat (

New Faces of Ratan Tata....

1.Scrap Dealer - Recently in Bhopal there was a huge protest (above photo) when Ratan
Tata offered to clean the scrape lying at the Union Carbide Factory at the heart of
Bhopal city.He was trying to make it look as if he was doing a social work but the people of Bhopal know his devilish intentions.In the name of cleaning Bhopal Ratan Tata is after the Chemicals worth millions which is still there in the Union Carbide Factory which had killed more than 30,000 thousands people in their sleep.This tragedy if popularly know as "Bhopal Gas Tragedy".Since Union Carbide was an American Company,is Ratan Tata an agent (Dalal) of American Imperialism?

2.Arms Dealer - By flying the American made F-16 and F-18 Super Hornet recently at Bangalore Ratan Tata has almost confirmed the buying of these Fighter Planes by Indian Air Force thus confirming he is an Agent (Dalal) of the American Imperialism.

3.Land Mafia - By displacing thousands of farmers,tribals,dalits in the name of development Ratan Tata is making sure that he is the biggest land holder in the whole of the world thus qualifying himself as a ruthless Land Mafia.

Is he doing all this because he bought Corus just to satisfy his ego?Is he doing all this because he has to pay the Banks who financed him in the Corus Deal?
Shame on you Ratan Tata...


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