Friday, February 2, 2007

Condition of guards in Singur

Now it is known to everybody that the West Bengal industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) has the responsibility to guard the fence of the acquired land of Singur as the agent of TATA. WBIDC has recruited 350 guards on a daily wage basis. Thanks to CPM’s fascist propaganda machinery that we knew the wage; it is Rs 68/- daily.

Can you imagine the condition of these guards now?

First couple of days after recruitment they received their wages. Then the administration promised to pay on weekly basis instead of daily. Then, after almost two months have passed and they didn’t receive single coin.

Till now CPM and government are claiming that this plant will bring development in Singur and open the scope of employment. We can see that the scope of employment doesn’t secure the wages in hand. And it is one of the policies of exploitation.

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