Saturday, January 6, 2007

Nandigram Bolis

Bellow is the excerpt from news of Bengali daily the ‘Bartaman’ (

Nandigram Boils. Once who were the mass base of CPM, protected the CPM leaders are mostly now part of the movement against land acquisition. Movement becomes more and more violent. CPM leaders become major target. From Panchayat pradhan to local committee secretary of CPM---have left the Nandigram. Ashok Guria, the East Midnapore district committee secretary of Krishak Sabha (peasantry wing of CPM) told that as anarchism extended and people were moving with weapons that their party members didn’t feel comfortable to stay in the locality. He hoped that people would realize their mistake. They have to wait.

Tension was at its peak even in Friday. The whole area was under the control of agitators. Meanwhile rumor speeded that police were coming. It fueled the fury.

Hardcore supporters of CPM now publicly speak against land acquisition and take part in the movement. Alam Sha and Maksur Mullik from Bhutamor, told that they support CPM. Kalicharanpur is under the control of CPM for last thirty years. But, they don’t want land acquisition. That is why they are protesting.

Until recently who had been participating CPM rally and were the base of CPM, they are now protesting. CPM leaders have taken shelter either in Nandigram zonal committee office or in Reapara of Nandigram Block 2.

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