Monday, January 22, 2007

TATA will recruit workers through contactors and sub-contractors in Singur Plant

TATA motor plant is being claimed as something, which is going to change the face of Singur. It is supposed to create huge number of jobs. In a press release, on Jan 21, 2007, TATA motor expected to create 10,000 employment directly and indirectly in this plant.

We know this announcement will be highlighted in the mainstream media and boost up the advocates of TATA project in Singur. Unfortunately these people will never mention some other part of the press release. In the same press release, TATA motors has confirmed that it would deploy unskilled and even skilled workers through contractors and sub-contractors.

In our previous posts we have discussed a bit how severely the contract workers have been exploited in West Bengal and all over India. There is no limit of working day, no work no pay, the wage is very poor, Rs ~60 per day in sponge iron industries of West Bengal and they have to work in an accident prone envoronment.

Nothing would be different in Singur plant.

This is what is called 'Development'.


Anonymous said...

And do you think these farmers are well off now??

singur said...

We don't think that farmers are very happy. The condition of Indian peasantry is being reflected in the thousands of suicides. This condition of peasantry is due the semi-feudal exploitation and imperialist plunder as well. But, this model of 'development' is to intensify the plunder only.

We don't consider it as a matter of agriculture vs industrialization.