Thursday, January 4, 2007

Police stop rally at Singur

Police stop rally at Singur

Singur (West Bengal): Police on Wednesday stopped a rally here by the Trinamool Congress-backed Krishi Jami Raksha Committee to protest against the acquisition of land for the proposed Tata Motors project after a warning from the State Government. The orders barring rallies and meetings were reimposed the day after Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee ended her fast against the acquisition of land on December 28.

Prohibitory orders

Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Roy told reporters in Kolkata that the Government was aware that political leaders were visiting Singur and organising meetings and processions though prohibitory orders under Sec. 144 of Cr.PC. were in force. The Government would not hesitate to take steps to enforce the orders.

Hooghly district Additional Superintendent of Police Asit Pal said the police had not taken action so far because they were not aware of any violation of the orders.

The Trinamool Congress, which started a weeklong awareness campaign on Wednesday, said it would not sit for talks with the Government on land acquisition unless ban orders were withdrawn.

The All-India Forward Bloc, a partner of the ruling Left Front, has also favoured this.

One held

Mr. Roy said the residence of a leader of the Trinamool-backed Krishi Jami Bachao Committee at Singur was attacked on Tuesday night. One person was arrested in this connection. — PTI


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