Saturday, January 6, 2007

281 residents of Tangtola, Chakarberia, Jagadishpur, Chandipur and Chak-Alalpur moujas of Baruipur (near Kolkata, West Bengal) disagree to give their land to government as they informed administration. On Friday, they submitted their objection to the BDO of Baruipur. Administration took utmost security measures for the programme organized under the banner of Sara Bangla Khetmajur Sangram Samity. Police force and Rapid Action Force were present along with high officials of Police. Land reformation department has already been served the notice to acquire 550 acre of land from five moujas of Baruipur to shift the district headquarter of 24 Pargana (South) from Alipur, Kolkata. Besides, for a proposed township, selling of land is prohibited in 35 moujas of Baruipur.

Five moujas, where notice of land acquisition has been served, movement starts growing under the banner of Chasi Bachao Committee (Save Farmers Committee), Jami Raksha Committee (Save Land Committee) and Sara Bangla Khetmajur Sangram Samity.

These moujas are fertile and and Baruipur is famous for its lychee (litchi) and guava. Farmers use to cultivate guava, lychee (litchi), paddy and different vegetables in those areas of Baruipur. Acquisition of these land will lead to starvation of share-croppers, landless peasants and farmers.

According to the administration, on Friday (Jan 5, 07) 89 from Chandipur mouja, 39 from Chakarberia mouja, 45 from Chak-Alalpur, 43 from Tangtola and 65 from Jagadishpur submitted their “dis-consent”. In this proposed area there are approximately 1000 farmers living.

Translation from the news published in Bartaman on Jan 6, 2007.

Mouza List for Land Acquisition on South 24 Parganas for the projects including
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